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Geotécnicas con geosintéticos

Nuestras ideas inovadoras están liderando el camino del futuro de los geosintéticos y de sus aplicaciones.

A lo largo de los años, nuestra gama de productos y campos de aplicación ha crecido contínuamente manteniendo el ritmo de crecimiento de empresas en el grupo. Ahora ofrecemos el desarrollo de producto y diseño, con “diseño por función” y el enfoque de aplicaciones para satisfacer a vuestros objectivos de proyecto más alentadores. Internacionalmente, hemos conseguido un alto nivel como líderes e innovadores en geosintéticos.


Rockfall-protection bund provides one solution, three aspects in Val d’Isère

NAUE Secugrid® geogrids enable optical and functional variants The French Val d'Isère is famous as a winter sports area. But the beautiful mountains surrounding the valley, which is situated at an altitude [...]

NAUE Updates MSE Design Software for FHWA, BS 8006, and EuroCode 7

4 January 2016 – International geosynthetics manufacturer and engineering services provider NAUE GmbH & Co. KG announces the release of the 2016 update to its SecuSlope design software for mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) [...]

NAUE Publishes New Mining and Geosynthetics Document

Geosynthetics enhance the economic and environmental performance of mining operations, so much so that the mining industry has become one of the biggest users of geosynthetic materials.. International geosynthetics manufacturer NAUE GmbH & [...]

Quality assurance and scour protection at the Amrumbank West offshore wind farm

Geotextile sand containers were used as an alternative to a granular scour-protection system for the Amrumbank West wind farm in Germany. There were two decisive arguments in favour of the "Soft Rock" solution: [...]