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Secumat® – Heidlandgraben – Germany

While expanding the surface drainage of an industrial area in Hamburg-Harburg, the Heidlandgraben was expanded. The cross-section of the drainage channel had to be given a larger volume in the confined space between the plots of land and thus be able to hold more capacity. For this reason, it was necessary to make the slopes relatively steep. The subgrade formed a sandy subsoil, on which the topsoil for the greening required additional support against surface-parallel erosion phenomena.

juin 7, 2023|

Secumat® – Car Park – Germany

Around an approx. 50,000m2 car park for new cars of a German car manufacturer, a trench was planned to collect the surface water.

juin 7, 2023|

Secumat® – Al Batinah Expressway – Oman

The Al Batinah expressway is a strategic infrastructure project which connects Muscat expressway with the border crossing at Khatmat Malaha to the United Arab Emirates. The expressway is a meaningful connection; it passes close to the highly frequented port of Sohar, which manages more than a million tons of sea freight weekly.

mai 31, 2023|

Secumat® Green – Budapest Spike Hall – Hungary 

The Spike Hall is a modern, spectacular, versatile sports centre that hosts cultural events, concerts, and exhibitions. This sports facility is located in the XIth district of Budapest near the Danube River. The complex was inaugurated in the year 2014. The building is characterised by 84 glass pyramid „spike“ skylights, each six metres high, installed in the centre of the steel roof structure, allowing natural light into the hall over an area of 42 × 18 metres. This building is of great interest to the public; it is a visual focus for the people and serves as a meeting point in their free time.

mai 31, 2023|

Secumat® – Railway line Groenekan – The Netherlands

Railway slopes are part of a vital and sustainable infrastructure. To make this infrastructure climate safe, it is necessary to take action: protect embankments from surface-parallel erosion, to integrate habitats in a way that they are accepted by animals and plants – while at the same time, the protection system continues to function. Therefore, building a resistant erosion control system for rising weather phenomena with a long duration is essential.

mai 25, 2023|
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