Civil engineering with Secugrid®

Soil reinforcement with Secugrid A8 Motorway - Poland

Wroclaw, Poland: A distance of just under 27 km, the A8 motorway is almost completely new. It does, however, incorporate a 0.5 kmlong section of an existing ‘fast’ road, which is being widened to provide two lanes in each direction. Also, the work has included two linkage roads (a total of 8.15 km) at Kobierzyce and Dlugolęk a. Over 1.5 million m² of Naue 60 kN strength, biaxial Secugrid® reinforcement geogrid has been specified to meet the project’s soil reinforcement demands. Secugrid® was used for the embankment construction, slope reinforcement (wrap around method with a biodegradable erosion control mat) and base course reinforcement.