NAUE DW (double-walled)

NAUE DW is a double-walled system where the reinforced earth structure is separately-held from the front area. The reinforced soil structure consists of a Secugrid® primary reinforcement layer which is installed using the wrap-around-method in front of the permanent formwork.

As installation support (permanent formwork) a Secugrid® reinforced soil structure with permanently or temporarily effective facing elements is installed, which can be adjusted to the slope profile. In order to avoid soil erosion in the facing area Secutex® filter nonwovens or Secumat® erosion control mats are used. As a second step permanently (durable) effective facing elements (made of galvanised steel mesh) are installed with a defined distance and connected to the soil structure.

A following filling carried out with stony material (approx. 60 — 90mm) provides an aesthetically pleasing image. Thus the system is highly protected against vandalism, traffic impacts, fire and other external influences. If required, parts of the facing system can be exchanged. Additionally the system absorbs traffic noise and serves as noise barrier. The system is characterized by a high flexibility in the case of the adjustment to project-related requirements and geometric design and thus results in an economic and nature orientated solution.

The reinforcement Secugrid® PET used for this system is designed according to soil specific properties and static requirements as per e. g. EC7 under consideration of EBGEO or BS 8006.


  • rehabilitation of slope failures
  • protection of slopes and walls with
  • inclinations of up to 90°
  • installation in the case of stepped slopes
  • noise barrier walls


  • Secugrid® geogrids as statically effective reinforcing elements
  • Secutex® filter nonwoven
  • fixing elements
  • steel mesh elements as permanent formwork
  • galvanized steel mesh elements as double-walled, statically effective facing front system


  • Long-term stability even with inclinations up to 90°
  • Design of facing area is variable
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Individually adjustable inclination of the slope surface by means of variable steel clips/spacers
  • Variable spacers allow site-specific slope face adjustment
  • Quick and easy construction
  • In-situ soils (including cohesive soils) can be used
  • Extremely economical, due to the ability to utilize in-situ cohesive soils rather than dispose or replace them with non-cohesive and expensive granular soils
  • Secugrid® geogrids can be used with cement- and lime-stabilized soils
  • Ecological benefits associated with the use of local soils include decreased transportation pollution (and cost) and protection of natural resources