New function available in the Naue SolutionFinder

Screen view of the Naue SolutionFinder.

More safety against hydraulic damage

The unique Naue SolutionFinder literally has one more function. It is not only your guide through the world of geosynthetic applications, but now also offers you safe solutions for the diverse functions of geosynthetics.

The first function module to be activated is the Separation module. This module is used to dimension robust Secutex® separation and filter layers for temporary and permanent applications in infrastructural constructions.. The properties of the bulk materials, the installation and compaction as well as the expected loading by vehicles allow the determination of proper robustness  and the suitable products of the Naue Classic-Line and Naue Greenline.

The requirements for the hydraulic performance of nonwovens are often underestimated in practice. To prevent this, we guide you safely through the dangerous waters of excess pore water pressure and nonwovens with insufficient hydraulic performance. We have built in a unique functionality for this purpose: In addition to robustness, we enable you to assess the filter-related risk. And, of course, the reliable selection of suitable products from Naue’s large portfolio of tried and tested nonwovens.