Renewable wind energy and geosynthetics

Naue Secugrid® geogrids are produced with a new dimension of manufacturing technology. The reinforcement element
is a highly-oriented polypropylene or polyester bar that is uniformly extruded and pre-stressed to achieve a high modulus
and high strength at low elongations. This is combined with the Naue patented welding technology to provide a structurally
sound and stable geogrid. Secugrid® is used mainly for base reinforcement, mechanically stabilised earth (MSE)
wall construction including veneer stabilisation, the segmental retaining wall (SRW) market, embankment reinforcement,
load transfer platforms over pile caps and other soil reinforcement applications. Combigrid®, a composite product where
a nonwoven Secutex® geotextile is firmly bonded between Secugrid® reinforcing bars, is mainly used for designs with soft
and low CBR soils where reinforcement, combined with filtration and separation, is needed.

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