Geomembrane: Carbofol®

Kunststoffdichtungsbahn Carbofol®

Carbofol® geomembranes

  • Carbofol® HDPE geomembranes with excellent durability for projects in environmental geotechnics and hydraulic engineering
  • Up to 7.5 m installation width for optimum surface coverage with low welding effort
  • Carbofol® TUNNEL (VLDPE) in 2.5 / 5.0 m widths for optimum handling and weldability even in demanding geometries in the infrastructure sector

Tested quality

Thanks to the targeted selection of raw materials and processing, Carbofol® meets the highest quality standards (e.g. BAM, DIBt, KIWA, GM13…) for durable and resistant sealing membranes.


Carbofol® enables maximum installation performance due to its large installation width and excellent weldability. Fewer joints than with narrower membranes and simple, fast welding enable rapid construction progress.


Carbofol® has optimised surface structures for the typical friction partners on the top and bottom sides to ensure stability even on steep slopes.


Carbofol® is available in different thicknesses, with smooth surfaces or with structured surfaces on one or both sides, and with formulations to suit a wide range of requirement profiles.





Safe landfill sealing with geomembrane Carbofol

Typical solutions with Carbofol®

  • Landfills at the base and on the surfaces
  • Structures, canals, basins, and ponds
  • Tunnels and structures
  • Mining
  • Areas and facilities where substances hazardous to water are stored, filled, transferred, produced, treated, or used (groundwater protection according to WHG)


Smooth on both sides: Flat sealing surfaces without significant slopes and shear forces, e.g. sealing under industrial facilities

Textured on one side: Basins for slurries susceptible to settling, e.g., tailings

Structured on both sides: Sealing systems on slopes with soil cover, e.g., in landfill construction or slopes that require sealing systems on traffic routes

Advantages for your Project

  • Excellent long-term chemical resistance
  • High contact friction angles and direction-independent shear force transmission due to embossed surface structure
  • Installation advantages with due to sheets up to 7.50 m wide rolls
  • Also available with BAM, DIBt, ASQUAL approval or according to GM-13
  • High weldability of the material due to specific selection of raw materials and masterbatches

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