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Bentofix® X.F

Bentofix® X.F

Bentofix® X.F the innovation from NAUE

Advanced safety with Bentofix® X.F.

The eXrta factor!

Engineers are always concerned with safety in design, and this applies equally throughout all product sectors. Automobiles utilize air bags and advanced braking systems. Computer data can be backed up and saved by cloud servers. Food packaging utilizes multi-layer constructions to prevent contamination and degradation.

The idea of safety and the final safety-improving element frequently seems simple, but the solution is always much more advanced. NAUE Bentofix® X.F coated geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) represent the next stage in GCL design and performance, and they offer a considerable increase in the available factor of safety for GCLs. With the addition of a structured polyolefin polymer-coating on the woven side of the GCL, Bentofix® X.F coated exemplifies how modifications to geosynthetic product design can be made to anticipate exactly what the design engineer must anticipate: the challenges of a particular site.

From waterproofing in areas with radon gas present in the soil to applications with low confining stress to situations with the threat of desiccation or root penetration, Bentofix® X.F coated enables the designer to specify a sustainabilityincreasing GCL barrier with a higher factor of safety and longer service life. Geosynthetic clay liners are composite barrier materials, each component of which plays an essential, easy-to-understand function.

How these components are selected and combined in the manufacturing process, however, truly determines the longevity and performance of the GCL.

Bentofix® X.F is a needle-punched GCL comprised of a uniform layer of powder sodium bentonite that is encapsulated between a slit-film woven and a staple-fibre nonwoven geotextile. Powder bentonite provides extraordinary swelling properties to immediately seal after contact with fresh water. The needle-punching process – which NAUE invented in the 1980s and for which it was awarded the International Geosynthetics Society’s highest honor, an IGS Award – firmly bonds the durable, nonwoven layer to the bentonite core and greatly increases the GCL’s frictional properties.

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