Secumat® Surface parallel erosion control

Binder with more than 100 pages of information about the Naue erosion control solutions

Erosion – A real threat to our environment
Wind, water and ice shape the surface of our planet through erosion. Uncontrolled erosion is one of the greatest
threats to our densely populated landscapes. Extreme weather events intensified by climate change cause
stress for humans, flora and fauna and accelerate the change of the environment. Vegetation alone cannot
always protect soils against exceptional erosion. Erosion phenomena occur on slopes, steep slopes, structures
in water bodies on banks, in water transition zones, on lakes, in rivers and in the event of overflow. Both natural
surfaces and surfaces of earthworks are affected, which means that a significant proportion of our infrastructure
is at risk from erosion. Natural disasters have shown that urgent action is needed all over the world.

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