Geotextile SECUTEX®

Secutex® is a needle-punched staple fibre nonwoven geotextile, some products additionally calendered, used as protection, separation, filter and drainage geotextile.

SECUTEX® is multifunctional

Secutex® geotextiles are used in many fields of civil engineering including hydraulic engineering, landfill engineering, road construction and tunnel construction. As a separation geotextile, Secutex® prevents individual and distinct granular layers from contaminating one another. Thus, structural fill and base courses maintain their integrity for a substantially longer period of time than otherwise possible. When fine soil layers are present next to drainage layers on highway or railway construct ion projects, Secutex® functions as a filter preventing fine soil particles from washing through and com promising the drainage ability of the coarser layers. Displacement of small amounts of water in problem areas is facilitated by the in-plane Secutex® transmissivity. Secutex® with a high mass per unit area can also protect geomembranes or pipes against mechanical damage. If necessary, a woven geotextile can be integrated into the matrix of Secutex® to distribute dynamic loads and thus augment its protective abilities.

Secutex® the nonwoven geotextile is safe

Secutex® is recognised for its long-term filter stability and separation performance. Its elongation properties are extremely high such that a high resistance to impacts and push-through loads is achieved. For protection applications, Secutex® ensures the necessary factors of safety when manufactured with sufficient thickness. The mechanical properties of Secutex® – elongation, abrasion resistance, plunger puncture resistance (CBR), and its overall robustness – and our many years of experience with geosynthetics guarantee a high degree of safety. Properly selected Secutex® can safely accommodate heavy dynamic loads and physically aggressive soil conditions. Ask for details of the geotextile robustness classifications of Secutex®.

Lower construction costs, lower follow-up costs, and higher performance

Secutex® reduces the requirements for fill materials and there fore the amount of excavation required to achieve a given profile. Significant savings are realised not only on construction costs but also on maintenance costs. Secutex® offers lower construction costs, lower follow-up costs, and higher performance.

Easy and fast geotextile installation

Secutex® can be handled and installed on site with little difficulty. Rolls are simply deployed on site; no special equipment is required.

Secutex® geotextile reduces construction and maintenance costs and has numerous fields of applications

When compared to conventional construction methods, Secutex® makes the grade. Its high elongation capacity and robustness make Secutex® extremely durable.

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