Secumat® erosion control mat

Secumat® is a three-dimensional erosion control mat with a labyrinth-like synthetic core.

Secumat® erosion control applications

  • Slope and ground protection in road building, railway protection, landscaping, and landfill engineering
  • On flood plains, embankments, levees, canals and run-off trenches

Advantages of Secumat® erosion control mat

  • Easy soil filling, even in steep slopes
  • Excellent soil retention capacity in three-dimensional matrix
  • Support of root growth
  • Reduction of soil erosion due to rain and wind
  • Long-term durable polymeric structure

Selected advantages of Secumat®

Advantage 1: The open structure of Secumat® erosion control mat allows soil filling over its entire area.

When slopes involve angles up to 1:1.5, Secumat® can provide outstanding erosion control and vegetation. The slope surface, protected by Secumat® erosion control mats, can be filled with site-applicable topsoil, including hydroseed.

The flexibility of the system and environmental utilisation of local materials allows for ideal adaptation to unique site conditions with minimal land disturbance needs.

This includes flattened, prepared slopes and rougher, less prepared slopes. The open structure of Secumat® erosion control mat allows soil filling over its entire area. Secumat® thus retains surface water and prevents erosion. Root development is supported by the three-dimensional structure of Secumat® adding to the strength of the vegetative protection, when vegetated walls and slopes are desired.

It is chemically and biologically resistant to natural soil substances and extremely resistant to UV radiation. Meaning when initially installed and exposed, awaiting vegetation, the material will survive without impacting long-term performance.

Advantage 2: The exceptional erosion control structure for desert skin solution

Green walls and slopes are common applications now, but they are not appropriate for all sites. Some sites perform best and are most economical for clients with cement/sand covers.

In most cases local sand can be used for mixing with the cement. In these instances, Secumat® erosion control mats support them in the same way they do vegetated walls: with an exceptional erosion control structure and long-term performance.

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SECUMAT® The Green Skin and Desert Skin Solution for Slopes

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