Webinar: Modern mining with geosynthetics

Maximizing safety, resilience, and sustainability in mining through advanced geosynthetic solutions

The increasing demand for minerals and metals for the energy transition requires innovative solutions that are both technically efficient and environmentally sustainable. Geotechnical solutions from Naue offer an efficient alternative to traditional construction methods. Construction times and costs are significantly reduced, and the environmental impact is minimised at the same time. This webinar will provide practical examples of how geosynthetics are successfully applied in mining construction projects comprising tailings facilities, ponds, mine closure and geotechnical structures on and off the mine.

Date: June 25, 2024, 1 to 2 p.m. (UTC+2 Berlin)

Language: English

Aerial view of a mining facility.

About the webinar:

In this webinar, we will introduce our newly developed geosynthetic products specifically for mining projects. They are designed to make your mining operations safer, more resilient and more cost-effective. We will show you how geosynthetic barriers are effectively used to line e.g., leach ponds and tailings ponds. Furthermore, you will see how our geogrid reinforcements make geotechnical structures, such as embankments, reinforced walls, and haul roads, more resilient to the unique stresses of the mining industry.


  • Contribution and importance of geosynthetics for modern mining practices

  • Carbofol® + and Bentofix® + geobarriers and their application

  • Cost savings and construction time reduction through geosynthetic constructions

  • Implementation in practice: Approaches and case studies

Your benefit:

  • Increased safety: Understand how geosynthetics for mining can effectively secure your mining infrastructure.

  • Cost efficiency and time savings: Recognise how you can save costs and time by using geosynthetics.

  • Enhanced resilience: Geogrid reinforcements make geotechnical structures such as transport routes more resistant to mining-specific loads.

  • Protecting the environment: Learn how Naue’s mining products help protect the environment and improve your carbon footprint by reducing the need for conventional materials.

Your speakers:

Christian Niehues, Product Manager for Carbofol® and Bentofix® Geobarriers

Andy Post, Business Development Mining Projects