Compared with the histories of other industrial sectors, the field of geosynthetics is still relatively new. NAUE GmbH & Co. KG has been part of the history of geosynthetics since the very beginning. The company’s trend-setting performance continues to influence developments today.

Founded in 1954, NAUE introduced in 1967 the first nonwoven filter material for use in hydraulic engineering applications. Those products are still fully meeting their designated purpose today – for example, on the embankments of the Mittelland Canal, the only East-West waterway in Northern Germany.

Entrepreneurs Helmut Naue and Friedrich-Wilhelm Naue, as well as their staff, quickly recognized the potential in this sector and strongly supported the effective development of NAUE GmbH & Co. KG. Initially dependent on E.A.H. Naue KG, the company that would develop to the NAUE of today became an independent company in 1984 under the name of Naue Fasertechnik GmbH & Co. KG.

Some of the product milestones in the company’s history include:

  • 1954 NAUE is founded, focusing on state-of-the-art manufacturing and future markets
  • 1967 NAUE pioneers geosynthetics with the introduction of Secutex® H
  • 1985 Depotex® becomes the first high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geotextile for landfill construction.
  • 198 Bentofix®, a geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) that would revolutionise the use of mineral layers on slopes, is invented and patented in Germany. Bentofix® is a shear force-trans-ferring GCL with a needle-punched, 10-mm-thick, swellable (self-sealing) sodium bentonite layer.
  • 1989 Secudrain® and Secumat® production facilities are acquired from Oltmanns GmbH and gives NAUE a significant stake in drainage and erosion control markets.
  • 1992 NAUE enters the North American and two years later the Australian market with Bentofix® GCLs
  • 1996 NAUE acquires the Carbofol® geomembrane pro-duction facility from itb (Isolierungsgesellschaft für Tunnel und Bauwerke mbH).
  • 1999 Secugrid® (a flat geogrid for soil reinforcement) is added to the company’s product portfolio.
  • 2003 Combigrid® (a composite product of Secugrid® geogrid and Secutex® needlepunched nonwoven geotextile) is manufactured with a new technology, in which the geotextile nonwoven for filter, separation or drainage applications is firmly attached between the Secugrid® reinforcing bars.
  • 2007 Secutex® RDG (Radar Detectable Geotextile) is developed and sucessfully introduced to the market.
  • 2011 The international expansion continues as NAUE Asia opens Bentofix® in Malaysia to serve Asian and Oceanic markets exclusively.
  • 2012 The 2nd Bentofix® production line is tooled up with friction surface coating.

In the field’s early years, the use of geosynthetic products was an absolute novelty. But NAUE tirelessly pushed the idea and raised awareness of, geosynthetics in construction and engineering. This effort included lectures and seminars, involvement with professional congresses, and numerous trial applications to demonstrate the effectiveness, potential and ecological and economical benefits of these materials. Those key benefits continue to be realized and recognized today.

In fact, without geosynthetics, many geotechnical projects never would have been (nor would be today) implemented due to the otherwise enormous costs that would be involved. Specially designed geosynthetics have greatly improved earthworks; for example, through limiting ground and material movements and the effects might have occurred on public infrastructures. Also, sites can be developed more efficiently (e.g., less ground disturbance) and less aggregate is needed (such as in road construction) with geosynthetics. Benefits like these are advantageous not only to project costs but to the environment.

In structural engineering, steel-reinforced concrete is irreplaceable. For almost a half of century now, a comparable development has taken place in civil engineering with the utilization of geosynthetic-reinforced soils (GRS). NAUE has been and remains an suitable translation from the German for “Fasertechnik”). Our international customers and partners appreciated this transition.


NAUE is an EN ISO 9001-certified company. Its comprehensive range of geosynthetic products includes Bentofix®, Carbofol®, Combigrid®, Secudrain®, Secugrid®, Secumat®, Secutex® and Secutex® H. This portfolio meets all the requirements of geosynthetic functions in civil engineering, such as filtration, separation, protection, drainage, erosion control, sealing and reinforcement. These products are used wherever superior technical, economical and ecological solutions are required for geotechnical construction projects.

The range of applications covers foundation improvement, flood defense, environmental engineering, base course reinforcement, tunnel sealing, dam construction, landfills, hazardous waste containment… all the way out to sea and to scour protection of offshore plants and other hydraulic engineering measures.

Not only has the field of geosynthetics positively impacted every major segment of civil engineering, NAUE has also developed its core competencies alongside (and at times ahead of) the profession.

Another special feature of work with NAUE, and which is a unique aspect of the company in the global geosynthetics arena, is ducts in its own facilities. This dedicated ownership of the process ensures continuously high quality and allows for an optimal combination of products. During the whole process of a construction project, whether it’s in Germany, India, the United States, or elsewhere, NAUE’s customers and partners have a fixed, capable contact person who is intimately connected to the quality controls in production and supply.

The system-concept is firmly embedded in our corporate philosophy. A comprehensive product range must be complemented by a comprehensive range of services. In day-today business, it starts with consultations during the preliminary stages of a construction project, given by either a sales engineer or BBG, which is an engineering company associated with NAUE and which is specialised in geosynthetics. The BBG (Bauberatung Geokunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG) was founded in 1998 and provides its wide range of experience and knowledge to other engineering companies through seminars and workshops as well through project-oriented cooperation.

Prior to BBG’s advent, NAUE Sealing GmbH & Co. KG was founded (1993) to provide installation service expertise. NAUE Sealing carries out geosynthetic installations in tunnels and other major earth-moving projects. Many construction companies appreciate this knowledge, as high-grade barrier geosynthetics are very specific to their designed use and must be handled carefully and with great skill. NAUE Sealing provides the highest possible quality assurance for an installed geosynthetic’s performance.


NAUE’s experts and specialists are active in many national and international standardisation and quality committees. They support various research activities, a level of involvement that contributes to the development of geosynthetics and applications not just for the benefit of NAUE but for the global geosynthetics field.

As a medium-sized, family-run business, NAUE takes great responsibility for more than production and project execution. NAUE also dedicates themselves to continual provision of vocational training. This impacts and improves not only our employees in our original, Germany-based operations but our fast-growing international network.

NAUE now has nearly 500 employees around the world, designing and manufacturing for developed and developing infrastructures. This interaction is critical not only to a healthy business, but a healthy engineering profession. NAUE is committed to this global knowledge exchange, to learn from and contribute to it.


NAUE’s primary export markets have traditionally been the United States, Africa, Australia and Western Europe. These markets have been served through subsidiaries, joint ventures and local partners. As new markets and infrastructures emerge, NAUE is there. For example, during the 1990s, the company established a firm presence in Eastern Europe as the former Soviet Bloc countries opened their doors widely to revitalization and infrastructure technologies and quality not previously available. NAUE’s geosynthetics have played a major role in Eastern Europe’s new infrastructure.

And today, NAUE Asia has flourished. A major new manufacturing facility in Malaysia now serves the Asian and Oceanic markets exclusively. Ensuring the reliable supply of geosynthetics and their affiliated services remains high on NAUE’s agenda. Our international activity is considerable and grows every day.


Continuity is the logical result for a strategically active, medium-sized, family-run business like NAUE. With the next generation entering management, the ownership group has set the course for safeguarding the future. The personal commitment, the flexibility, and the short decision-making processes regarding new ideas guarantee a successful development of the company for the good of all NAUE partners and customers.