A well cast reinforced concrete element should be able to resist the penetration of water even under high water pressure, protecting its integral steel from corrosion. In reality, it is very difficult (even with most modern production plants) to produce such a perfect reinforced concrete mass, since the smallest inconsistency (such as aggregation of gravel) can cause imperfections in the concrete. Often, the water which penetrates into reinforced concrete is acidic and hence has an aggressive effect on the basic chemical elements of the concrete, as well as the steel reinforcement. This ultimately leads to the decay of the composite element. Small cracks can easily occur in the outer sections of a cast concrete mass during the curing period due to shrinkage. Concrete structures are also susceptible to cracking due to oscillations caused by traffic, as well as settlement of the underlying soil and natural phenomena such as earthquakes. The steel reinforcement, especially on the side adjacent to the outer surface, is particularly at risk from corrosion caused by the ingress of water via these cracks and via micro-cracks by flexure of the element during its service life.

BENTOFIX® BFG 5000 is a concrete sealing system which efficiently protects reinforced concrete structures, preventing the penetration of water and providing protection to the structure from attack by aggressive chemical substances present in the local surrounding soil.