Tunnel construction

Modern traffic tunnels are increasingly planned for a functional service life of more than 100 years. For this reason they must be protected extensively against the effects of groundwater and water penetrating through rock fissures. The construction and sealing specifications are correspondingly strict, especially with respect to the required service life.

The level of hydrostatic pressure and the agressiveness of the water determine the scope of the protection required for the construction of underground structure measures. Also, for ecological reasons, there is an increasing desire to limit the drainage of mountain water. There are a broad range of opportunities, technical as well as economic, for selecting the most suitable protection system. Each tunnel requires a specific solution; depending on construction details, such as cut and cover construction projects, varying water agressiveness, transition sections of in-situ water under pressure and seepage water.

Sealing does more than just protect important structures against corrosion. The tunnel suitability (e. g. prevention of icing) as well as the stability itself requires a protection against moisture. In comparison to the total costs of constructing a tunnel, the costs of providing a functional waterproofing is minor – but the advantage to be gained is major. Sealing protects and safeguards the structure. It reduces maintenance costs and repairs. Therefore waterproofing is an indispensable part of any tunnel construction.

A long-term, trouble-free tunnel operation with low operating and maintenance costs can be achieved with a professionally installed sealing system. In addition, a tunnel’s sealing system will actively contribute to environmental protection, despite the need for the construction of the tunnel, by avoiding interference with the mountain’s hydrological water balance. The sealing system will also prevent environmental damage from oils or chemicals which may occur due to traffic accidents.

These important requirements are satisfied reliably and economically with the NAUE waterproof sealing system. NAUE offers complete single-source systems for tunnel construction, from manufacturing to installation including full quality assurance.