The latest information from the Naue Group

  • Secutex® Soft Rock – Coastal protection – East Coast Sea Revetment, Singapore

  • Secutex® H – Rehabilitation of a historic navigable canal – Sulina Canal Rehabilitation, Romania

  • Bentofix® X – Coated geosynthetic clay liners rehabilitate historical moat in Delitzsch, Germany

  • Secutex® Soft Rock – Riverbank protection – Trial Riverbank Protection at Mekong Delta, Hau Giang Province, Vietnam

  • Secutex® Soft Rock – Coastal Protection – Geotextile Wall Lubmin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

  • Bentofix® X – Pond Lining System – Huawei Song Shan Lake, China

  • Secutex® Soft Rock – Scour Protection for Offshore Wind Farm – Amrumbank West, Germany

  • Bentofix® X – Pond lining system – Meizhou Cultural Village, China

  • Secutex® Soft Rock – Coastal Protection – Protection shore Bang Muang, Thailand

  • Coastal Protection with Secutex® HB – West Sands Holiday Park, Selsey, UK

  • Secutex® Soft Rock – Coastal protection – West Links Golf Course in North Berwick, Scotland

  • Bentofix® – A new fish ladder in Freiburg

  • Secugrid® HS – Basal reinforced embankments – Reconstruction of Oder dyke in Uckermark county, Germany

  • River embankment protection with Secutex® Soft Rock

  • Secutex® HB – World cultural heritage protection – Pile dwellings at Rapperswil-Jona

  • Secutex® Soft Rock – River embankment protection – Subang Skypark Rail Project, Malaysia

  • Coastal protection with geotextile sand containers Secutex® Soft Rock