The latest information from the Naue Group

  • Bentofix®, Secugrid®, Naue Steel P – Noise barrier wall for a shooting range – Shooting sports club (SSC) Schale, Hopsten, Germany

  • Secugrid® Geogrid-Reinforced Steep Slope – Feyzin Fortress, Rhône-Alpes Region, France

  • Secugrid® – Stable embankment on soft soil – Pekan-Terapai Slope Repair, Malaysia

  • Secugrid® – Stable embankment on soft soil – Tabing-Duku Road Development, Indonesia

  • Secugrid® – Reinforced soil structure for a grain terminal in the Philippines – Golden Bay Grain Terminal, Philippines

  • Secugrid® Reinforces slopes and retaining wall systems