Geosynthetics in dyke construction

Innovative dyke construction solutions with geosynthetics

The roles and advantages of geosynthetics in modern dyke designs are many. Bentofi x® geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) are used as waterside sealing systems for dyke slopes and forelands. This geosynthetic barrier solution provides a cost-effective, durable alternative to conventional mineral seals (e.g., compac-ted clay). Filter geotextiles such as Secutex® H and Secutex® increase the wor-king life of the drainage layer and prevent piping below dykes. Geogrids increase a dyke’s external stability and reinforce affi liated road bases. These solutions also reduce the potential impact of differential settlement in a dyke body. Furthermore, the construction and load-transfer effi ciency of geogrid rein-forcement enables slopes and walls to be constructed on the water or land-side of a dyke with a minimal construction footprint, making reinforce-ment ideal for sites with limited space.

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