Design software for Secugrid® reinforced steep slopes, walls and abutments: SecuSlope 3.0

SecuSlope 3.0

SecuSlope 3.0 is a user-friendly, interactive, design-orientated program for creating geogrid-reinforced slopes, walls, and abutments. Based upon a user’s project-specific inputs, the English-language software produces optimal geosynthetic reinforcement layouts (e.g., geogrid type, length and spacing). The results are based upon the extensive design record of Secugrid® geogrid reinforcement products. Factors utilized by the software include reinforcement strengths, reduction factors, design safety factors, pore-water pressure, and seismicity.

Geogrid reinforcement makes MSE designs more economical and sustainable by better utilizing the available space and soil strengths. In many instances the use of geosynthetics can make the construction of a project possible. Globally, MSE software and geosynthetic materials have improved the performance and safety of roadways, railways, commercial construction, mining operations, and much more.

SecuSlope 3.0 is fully updated for state-of-practice use with FHWA (limit equilibrium), BS 8006 (ultimate limit state), and EuroCode 7 (EC7) following the German EBGEO (Recommendations for Design and Analysis of Earth Structures using Geosynthetic Reinforcements) design guide.

Download SecuSlope 3.0

How to install and register SecuSlope 3.0

Berechnungssoftware zum Vergleich von Secugrid®-bewehrten Steilböschungen, Wänden und Widerlagern.

Step 1

  • Download SecuSlope 3.0 and extract the ZipFile
  • DoubleClick setup.exe and follow the instructions of the installation software

Step 2

  • Start the software: Open SecuSlope 3.0 on your desktop
  • Press the button: Request Password
Design Software SecuSlope from Naue

Step 3

  • Fill out the registration sheet and press the button: Create a TEXT file to be…

Step 4

  • Save the text file “SecuSlopePasswordRequest.TXT” by pressing the button: OPEN
  • Remember the name and filed location of the document
  • After creating you will see the following Information: You have created a text file named “SecuPassRequested.txt” Please email it to:

Step 5

  • Send the text file to the email address:
  • You will receive a personalised password
  • Enter this password in the specified section on the start screen of the SecuSlope 3.0 software