Cost savings with Combigrid and Securid geogrid

Cost savings with
Combigrid® and
Secugrid® Geogrid

Road construction over softsoil withSecugrid and Secutex

Be a winner with Combigrid®
and Secugrid® Geogrid.

How cost-effective the use of a Secugrid® reinforcement can be compared to a conventional method is proven by this cost analysis.

The Secugrid® reinforcement alternative was calculated with a cost saving of 100,000 Euro compared to the conventional method, with at least the same performance.

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    Secugrid® geogrids

    Laid geogrids made of stretched, monolithic polyester (PET) or polypropylene (PP) flat or profile bars with welded junctions. Secugrid® geogrids combine high stiffness and low creep tendency with extreme robustness.

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    Combigrid® Geogitter mit integriertem Geotextilvlies

    Combigrid® geogrids

    Combigrid® is a composite of a laid geogrid made of stretched, monolithic flat bars with welded junctions and a mechanically bonded and calendered filter geotextile welded within the geogrid structure. Combigrid® is used to stabilise and reinforce soils in many fields of infrastructure, environmental protection, and hydraulic engineering applications.

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