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Геотехника с Геосинтетика

Our innovative ideas are leading the way into the future of geosynthetics and their applications.

Over the years, our product range and fields of application have continuously grown and the growth of our group of companies has kept pace. We now offer product development and design, with a design-by-function and application approach, to satisfy even your most challenging project objectives. Internationally, we have achieved a high profile as a geosynthetic leader and innovator.


Securing hazardous waste in Uganda

Securing hazardous waste in Uganda The Nyamasoga Landfill in Uganda is a critically important hazardous waste facility in the oil-rich Hoima District. The 44 ha site is in close proximity to drilling pads [...]

Reinforcement and separation for gravel access road

Reinforcement and separation for gravel access road Building and maintaining unpaved access roads through the forests and grasslands of the Kamloops area of British Columbia can present contractors with considerable challenges for soil [...]

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