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Landfill liner utilizes efficient geotextile solution instead of gravel

NAUE enables more economical and more efficient construction in Galați county (Romania) Conventional landfill lining systems require thick gravel-soil layers. Problems occur when the appropriate material is not available in the area, as is the case in Galaţi, in eastern Romania. Modern geotextile liner systems are more than just another alternative: They [...]

Quality assurance and scour protection at the Amrumbank West offshore wind farm

Geotextile sand containers were used as an alternative to a granular scour-protection system for the Amrumbank West wind farm in Germany. There were two decisive arguments in favour of the "Soft Rock" solution: The sand containers required only a third as much of typically used rock material, and in the construction schedule, their [...]

Rockfall-protection bund provides one solution, three aspects in Val d’Isère

NAUE Secugrid® geogrids enable optical and functional variants The French Val d'Isère is famous as a winter sports area. But the beautiful mountains surrounding the valley, which is situated at an altitude of 1,800m, have a dark side: falling rocks! NAUE Secugrid® geogrids helped enable a pro-tection bund to be constructed despite [...]

NAUE Updates MSE Design Software for FHWA, BS 8006, and EuroCode 7

4 January 2016 – International geosynthetics manufacturer and engineering services provider NAUE GmbH & Co. KG announces the release of the 2016 update to its SecuSlope design software for mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) applications. SecuSlope 3.0 is a user-friendly, interactive, design-orientated program for creating geogrid-reinforced slopes, walls, and abutments. Based upon a user's [...]

Sales Engineer for Malaysian and Affiliated Regional Market

NAUE Seeks Sales Engineer for Malaysian and Affiliated Regional Markets NAUE, a leading international manufacturer of geosynthetics and engineering services provider, seeks to add a sales engineer to its expanding Malaysia and Southeast Asia operations. The company has a major manufacturing plant in Malaysia. The candidate should have a strong understanding of geotechnical engineering and geosynthetics. [...]

NAUE Publishes New Mining and Geosynthetics Document

Geosynthetics enhance the economic and environmental performance of mining operations, so much so that the mining industry has become one of the biggest users of geosynthetic materials.. International geosynthetics manufacturer NAUE GmbH & Co. KG has published a new document on "Mining and Geosynthetics." The brochure profiles important applications and how geosynthetics help [...]

SecuCalc 2.2 – Unpaved Base Reinforcement with Secugrid® and Combigrid® Geogrids

SecuCalc allows a generic calculation of aggregate base material in unreinforced and Secugrid®, reinforced applications, such as under roadways, access/haul roads, parking lots or similar applications. Secugrid® geogrid reinforcement extends project service life, improves performance, reduces excavation, and lowers overall costs. SecuCalc 2.2 is based on test trials and 30+ years of engineering knowledge. [...]